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National Kale Day Kale is the superfood that everyone’s talking about—and for good reason. This vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals (like folates) that can help ward off obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

So let’s celebrate this nutritious plant by petitioning to make October 2 National Kale Day! Drew Ramsey, M.D., and chef Jennifer Iserloh are the founders of this exciting movement, and co-authors of the recent cookbook, 50 Shades of Kale.

Want to make National Kale Day an annual tradition? Here’s what you can do!

Sign the petition
It takes less than 5 minutes to electronically sign this petition and show your support. Click here to join the kale revolution.

Google Hangout
View a series of National Kale Day ON AIR Google Hangouts to learn more about the importance of kale in your family’s diet. There are also several ON AIR interviews scheduled for October 2!

Spread the word
Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Use the hashtag #NationalKaleDay, and share this story or the website with your friends! Let’s help get the conversation started.

For more information on National Kale Day, visit their website. Then tell us how you’re celebrating the holiday in the comments section below, or tweet us @KiwiMagazine.

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