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12 bowls or jars
Holidays cards or heavy paper
Markers or crayons
Hole punch and ribbon (optional)
Food (see below)


Step 1: Cut 12 shapes out of some of the holiday cards you’ve received this year. The shapes can all be the same, or you can make them different. Write the name of a month on each of your shapes.

Step 2: Fill the bowls or jars with bite-size treats that represent each month of the year, using our suggestions (below), or come up with your own ideas. Go organic whenever you can!

Step 3: Attach your labels to the bowls or jars with ribbon, or prop them up inside or next to the bowls.

Step 4: Starting at 11 p.m., have guests enjoy the treats in one bowl every five minutes until midnight. Within 60 minutes, partygoers should have sampled each bowl once!

Here’s our lists of snack suggestions, by month:

January – Vegan marshmallows (Snow)
February – Chocolate (Valentine’s Day)
March – Dried green peas (St. Patrick’s Day)
April – Baby carrots (Spring/Easter)
May – Flower-shaped cookies (Spring)
June – Popcorn (Summer camping)
July – Dried blueberries and cherries, yogurt-covered raisins (4th of July)
August – Dried apricots (Summer fruit)
September – Sliced apples (Fall harvest)
October – Pumpkin seeds (Halloween)
November – Dried cranberries (Thanksgiving)
December – Nuts (Holidays)

Have other suggestions for this New Year’s activity? Let us know in the comments section below, or tweet us at @KiwiMagazine! Then check out some of our other seasonal crafts by clicking here.


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