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origami wreath

Leftover cardboard (the size will determine the size of your wreath)
X-Acto knife
Origami paper or any extra paper you have on hand
Glue dots
Glitter and paint

1. Using the pencil, trace a circle onto the cardboard. Cut it out using the X-Acto knife.

2. Draw a smaller circle inside the larger one to create a rim that’s about 1½ inches thick. Cut out the center to make the wreath shape.

3. Create as many origami boxes as needed to completely cover the wreath. (A 12-inch wreath will need about 45 boxes.) Visit for complete instructions on how to do the origami.

4. Connect the boxes in pairs and triples using glue dots.

5. Line the wreath with the origami boxes, alternating between the pairs and triples. Secure to the cardboard using glue dots.

5. Decorate the wreath with glitter and paint and display indoors.

To learn how to make this origami bow, visit


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