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pleygo legoInterested in a new way to give back this holiday season? Here’s a sweet, simple way to teach kids about generosity: As a family, round up your littles one’s old LEGOs and donate them to the first ever Holiday LEGO® Brick Drive.

Pleygo, the subscription LEGO service that lets kids rent and return different building sets, has partnered with Generation Rescue, an institution dedicated to assisting the Autistic community. This nonprofit is collecting old toy bricks and fully sanitizing, restoring, and shipping them to hospitals and facilities across the country so that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder can use them for therapeutic play. This year’s drive will run through December 15.

Pleygo is encouraging that individuals set up large donation boxes at local spots, like schools and churches, to collect as many LEGOs as possible. For the larger drives, Pleygo has volunteered to cover the cost of shipping—and as a special thank you, Pleygo will give a free month Super Fan subscription to anyone who sends in a donation!

Aside from simply collecting the bricks, Pleygo will also be donating proceeds during the holiday months to support research for Autism Spectrum Disorder. To find out more, visit


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