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With a swish of her handmade cape, your little one will be off to grandma’s to fetch treats in no time!


1.5 yards red felt
Needle and thread and/or sewing machine
Straight pins
1.5 yards ribbon (saved from birthday packages)
1 black 12-inch-square felt
White T-shirt
Dish towel
Black skirt
Black shoes


1. From one yard of the red felt, cut a circle with a 36-inch diameter. To determine the circumference, attach an 18-inch-long string to a thumbtack in the center of the fabric; make marks 18 inches out from the center all around, then cut.

2. Using a bowl as a guide, in the center of this large circle, draw a smaller, 5-inch-diameter circle.

3. Cut a straight line from the outer edge of the circle to the inner circle. Then cut out the 5-inch circle. Your fabric should resemble the sketch below:

4. Cut out two 10-by-11-inch rectangles from the remaining ⅓ yard of the red felt.

5. Stack the rectangles on top of one another and curve the top and bottom edges of one of the 11-inch sides to create the shape for the back of the hood.

6. Machine- or hand-sew the rounded left sides together.

7. Sew ¼-inch stitches loosely around the small circle in your large felt cutout, do not connect the opening of your circle. Once your stitches go around the circle outline, pull gently on the thread ends, so that the stitches become tighter and the fabric begins to bunch. Continue to pull until the center circle’s width is the same width as your hood. Pin the bottom of the hood to the small circle and stitch together.

8. Cut two pieces of ribbon, ½ yard each. Tie one end of each in a knot, and then sew each smooth end to one side of the cape’s neck edge. This will allow you to tie the cape shut.

9. For the vest, cut two 11-by-5-inch black felt rectangles. Place them on the white T-shirt. With a pencil, trace the inward shape of the armholes, shoulder slope, and rounded neckline onto the triangles, then cut away where marked.

10. Sew the vest pieces to the side seams, shoulder seams, and lower neck edge.

11. Cut three 5-inch-long pieces of ribbon. Turn under the ends so that there are no frayed edges.

12. Sew the three pieces of ribbon horizontally across the T-shirt, using them to attach the two sides of the vest. They should lie 1-inch, 3-inches, and 5-inches down from the lower neckline of the vest.

13. Place a dish towel inside a basket to hold your goodies!



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