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shopping healthy on a budgetWe hear it all the time: “Healthy, fresh ingredients are too expensive.” And although it’’s true that high-quality ingredients can come with higher price tags, there are ways you can eat healthier without the added cost. Here, Nicole Silber, RD, director of pediatrics at Middleberg Nutrition in New York City, shares her tips for getting the most nutritious bang for your buck:

Cut Down on Waste

Plan your meals in advance, taking into account any times you or your kids might eat out or on the go. “Figuring out your schedule will help determine how much food you need to buy and prevent wasted ingredients and money,” says Silber.

Go Meatless More Often

The most inexpensive, yet still high-quality, proteins are often eggs, beans, nuts, and dairy (milk, Greek yogurt). A vegetable frittata, for example, is a filling and balanced dish that’s also very affordable, says Silber.

Pick In-Season Produce

You will notice a major price variation in produce from season to season. If you use a specific type of fruit often, consider buying extra when it’s in season and freezing to use later in the year.

Grow Your Own

Cooking with herbs is a healthy way to add favor to your meals, but they can be costly. Growing herbs in pots on your windowsill saves money—and is a great activity for kids.

Do you have tips for shopping healthy on a budget? Share them in the comments!

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