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gratitudeThree ways to inspire your kids to want to write thank-you cards.


Break out the cookies and milk, put on some dance music, and get the (writing) party started! Begin by creating a master list of all the thank-you cards that need to be written—it can be on paper or on a chalkboard for the whole family to see. Then, as each note is written, cross the name off the list. Keep the write-a-thon going until all the cards are complete. Once everyone is done, add some fun stamps, and make a ceremonious trip to the post office to send them out.


Here’s a fun way to get your child excited to dive in and make some thank-you note masterpieces: Cover a big box with wrapping paper and fill it with brightly colored papers, envelopes, stickers, markers, and other fun art supplies, like pipe cleaners or glitter. Then, every time your child needs to write a card, break out the box and start creating! She can draw a picture of the gift she was given, or add other personal touches to make it really special.


Writing not your child’s thing? Switch it up by drawing a colorful “thank you” on a piece of poster board or paper and taking a photo of your child holding up the sign with each gift. Then, print out the photos on thick paper so you can cut them and make them into postcards, or buy ready-made postcard printer paper at the office supply store. Either way, the recipient will love seeing your child holding their gift with that smile of gratitude!

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