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Why kids will love it: Many families start coming to Tyler Place when their kids are young—the camp is the big draw—and keep coming back as their children grow. It’s not uncommon to find families who have “their week.” They book the same week year after year and make life-long friends with the other guests (and their kids). The camp is an instant bonding ground. What makes this camp so special? The fact that it’s a real camp. Kids go fishing, swimming, go on scavenger hunts, have movies and s’mores night, dress up, put on talent shows, and more. And that’s just for the younger kids. Each level of camp is geared toward kids of that age group and it’s a natural setting for kids to make friends. And as any parent knows, when their child is happy on vacation, there’s nothing better.

What’s in it for adults? What parents like about Tyler Place is that it makes them feel like a kid again. The resort allows them to revisit things they used to do, like bike riding. Each member of the family—both adults and kids—gets a free bike to use for the week. Most guests then use their bicycle to get around for their entire stay. It’s not uncommon to see no cars, but tons of bikes lined up at the dinner area, boat dock, or swimming pool. But it’s more than just biking. Activities for adults include canoeing, kayaking, tennis, hiking, yoga, and more. It’s a great way to meet other guests, get some fresh air, and revisit all the fun activities you did at camp in your youth.

Fresh air: The resort is small enough to get around on bicycle, but large enough that it never feels crowded or cramped. Located in upstate Vermont, on the banks of Lake Champlain just a few miles from the Canadian border, the property consists of a variety of stand-alone cottages as well as the main Inn. Many cottages have beautiful views of Lake Champlain. Most cottages have two or three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, sun deck, and kitchen. They have bigger cottages for larger families (or groups staying together; perfect for family reunions).

Mealtime fun: Much of the food is locally grown or sourced and the fresh ingredients are a big pull for many families. Also, kid-free dining, a Tyler tradition, is a big hit for both kids and adults. Kids eat with kids—at camp, with their friends—and parents eat in the “adult” dining room with other adults. Seating can be small (a table for two when you want some alone time with your mate) or, more common, groups of people sitting together. Letting the kids eat separately (and taking away all the challenges that go with eating with children) allows parents to really relax and feel like they’re on vacation. Plus, kids love being able to eat their meals with their friends.

For families looking for a digital detox, Tyler Place Family Resort provides old-fashioned outdoor adventure that appeals to both kids and their parents.

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