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A recent study from the USDA found that kids are consuming more calories from snacks than ever before. Pair that with the fact that many packaged snacks have exorbitant amounts of sodium and sugar, and our kids could be on their way to major health problems. That’s why KIWI teamed up with top nutritionists to develop guidelines for choosing healthier snacks, then had kids taste dozens of products. Here, five better-for-you vegetable snacks.

1. Crunchy Kale: Naked from Brad’s Raw Foods

Most packaged kale chips
are very high in sodium due to the seasonings, but this version offers the crunch without as much salt ($8 per box,

vegetable snacks

2. Cruncha Ma-Me Naked from Eda-Zen

Freeze-dried edamame
 pods offer a protein-packed snack on the go ($2, Kroger).

vegetable snacks

3. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps from Calbee

Testers from Moms
Meet were big fans of 
these snacks, with Mom Ambassador Kathy Balman saying, “My kids devour them” ($33 for 12 bags,

vegetable snacks

4. Love My Veggies from Happy Family

Hitting stores in April, these purees offer a full serving of vegetables in each pouch ($6 for 4, Target).

vegetable snacks

5. Organic Roasted Corn 
from Nature’s All

Corn is roasted and
then freeze-dried to
create this crunchy snack,
which we think makes a great addition to trail mix ($6 per bag, Whole Foods).

vegetable snacks

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