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veggie stamp

Turn celery and okra into veggie stamps with these simple instructions, then have fun decorating lunch bags or grocery totes!


  • Head of celery
  • Okra pods
  • Knife
  • Toothpick
  • Fabric paint
  • Plate
  • Blank totes (we got ours from


  1. Cut the tops off of the celery and okra. Use the toothpick to remove the okra seeds and discard.
  2. Pour fabric paint onto a plate or flat surface.
  3. Dip the ends of the vegetables into the paint and stamp onto a bag in any pattern you like. For the celery flowers (above left), use a single stalk of celery to make the leaves. To add a second color to your design, cut off more of the vegetable and dip it in another plate of paint.
  4. Set the paint by following the instructions on the fabric paint label (you may need to iron the bag).

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