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There are thousands of apps devoted to improving wellness, but which ones are worthy of a place on your phone or tablet? These 10 picks truly make it easier to eat healthfully, shop for the most eco-friendly products, and live a more natural life.

Dirty Dozen
main_wellness_apps_dirty_dozenThe Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen app breaks down the 12 conventionally grown fruits and vegetables highest in pesticide residue—as well as the “clean 15″—so you’ll know when it’s worth spending more on organic and when the non-organic version will do. The organization updates the lists annually to ensure you’re getting the latest research-backed information (free, iOS/Android).

main_wellness_apps_glowHoping to expand your family? It’s simpler than ever to identify your most fertile days thanks to this comprehensive conception app. Glow’s ovulation calculator does all the hard work for you, tracking not just your menstrual cycle but more than 40 other important fertility factors, including your sleep schedule, temperature, and cervical mucus. It even syncs with other popular health-tracking apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal (free, iOS/Android).

main_wellness_apps_goodguideMany products claim to be safe and eco-friendly, but it’s not easy to separate truth from hype. Enter GoodGuide, which assigns a science-backed 1-10 rating to more than 210,000 everyday items to help you find the greenest, healthiest, and most socially conscious options. Products rated include everything from shampoo and mouthwash to air fresheners and pet food. The barcode scanner makes it fast and convenient to compare ratings while you shop (free, iOS/Android).

Grow Planner
main_wellness_apps_grow_plannerGrowing your own organic fruits and vegetables just got easier, thanks to the Grow Planner app. Simply enter the dimensions of your garden and choose the plants you want to grow to get a customized “Grow Guide” that includes sun and soil requirements, sowing advice, and recommended planting times based on your location and weather data ($8, iOS).

main_wellness_apps_headspaceYou probably know meditation is one of the best ways to clear your head and beat stress, and with this app you can reap the rewards in less time than you think. Headspace offers 10-minute sessions designed to help you improve your focus, ease anxiety, and enhance your mind-body connection. Reminder and reward systems encourage you to stick with your practice (free, iOS/Android).

main_wellness_apps_healthyoutWhether you’re dealing with food allergies or
simply trying to eat healthfully, this app will help you find a restaurant that accommodates your needs. A wide variety of search filters—including high-protein, vegan, and gluten-free—pinpoint the perfect spot near you. Our favorite? The boredom-busting “not a salad” filter (free, iOS/Android).

main_wellness_apps_preg_plusThis app gives mothers-to-be a fascinating window into their baby’s growth thanks to gorgeous, detailed photos of fetuses at every stage of development. You get a wealth of pregnancy information, as well as handy trackers for your weight, doctor appointments, and more ($4, iOS/Android).

White Noise Lite by TMSOFT
white-noise-liteWhether your toddler is up all night or you’re the one who’s tossing and turning, this app can help everyone in your family catch their zzz’s. Choose from more than 40 soothing sounds, including Heartbeat, Camp Fire, and Blowing Wind. You can even mix sounds to create a personalized playlist (free, iOS/Android).

At Home Workouts
main_wellness_apps_you_are_own_gymIf you’re having trouble squeezing workouts into your busy schedule, this app is a must-have. At Home Workouts guides you through more than 200 exercises that require only your body weight and items you already have at home. None of the workouts take longer than 36 minutes, so it’s easy to find an efficient routine that will make the most of the time you’ve got ($4, iOS/Android).

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