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The Wiggles The world’s most popular children’s group, The Wiggles, recently released new songs and videos for their next generation of fans—and now they’re headed to the U.S. in early October. Even bigger news? Three cast members recently joined the team in 2013, including the first ever female Wiggle.

The newest member of the peppy crew goes by the name of Emma. She’s just started to leave her mark on the group, but little girls are already looking up to her (many have been sporting Emma’s signature big yellow bow at concerts.) “Essentially we’re all role models for boys and girls, but it’s really nice that girls have a choice,” Emma told the Associated Press.

The Wiggles have also been tackling an important topic: food allergy awareness. To encourage discussion, the group released a catchy song on their 2012 album called, “Ooey, Ooey, Ooey Allergies.” Now, your little one can watch Emma and the new crew sing this tune, too! Click here to see their video.

Want to introduce the group to your kids? Catch The Wiggles “Taking Off!” world tour this October, or check out their latest albums. We’re sure they’ll captivate your kiddo’s heart and have her singing in no time!

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