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Some days it’s a little too chilly to play outside, but there are so many fun eco-crafts your kids can create while keeping warm indoors.

Upcycled snow globes: Grab a variety of kitchen containers, such as jars, salt shakers, or syrup jars, to create upcycled snow globes in three easy steps. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, a blender, used styrofoam from old packages, and miniature toys and trees.

Tree-riffic Ornaments: These instructions will help you make three different types of ornaments. Use them to decorate your house or give them as gifts to friends and family.

DIY Menorah: Transform glass jars into a colorful menorah with nontoxic 3-D paint designs.

Gift Box Craft: Gather old greeting cards and use this diagram to create small gift boxes. 

Dreidel-Shaped Pouch: This simple dreidel-shaped pouch is built to hold gelt, a gift card, or other small holiday treasures.

Place Mat Collage: Five items and five steps will help you create festive place mats that can be used daily or to decorate the kids’ table during your holiday meal.

Mitten Sachet: Did your mitten lose its mate? With some felt and a few other materials, you can turn your lone mitten into a small perfumed bag.

Origami Wreath: Craft little boxes using origami to create a wreath, then decorate it with glitter, paint, and origami bows.

Snowman printable: Download and print this snowman template, then cut out the shapes so your kids can create their very own snowman without the snow! You can hang the finished product on the fridge or make many and use them as holiday gift tags.

Handspun Hanukkah Star: Get into the swing of the holiday season with this easy-to-make Star of David craft that doubles as a decoration.


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