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Yoga Anywhere

Research has shown that a little stretching in the midafternoon boosts energy levels, improves your flexibility, and relieves tension in your neck, back, and wrists. We asked New York City–based yoga instructor Nicole Lynne Hooley to share three simple moves that can be done at home or in the office.


For neck and spine: Sit back with your knees hip-width apart and aligned over your ankles. Place your palms on your knees, then inhale through your nose as you arch your back and look toward the ceiling. Exhale and return to starting position, bringing your chin toward your chest. Repeat five times.


For back pain: Sit near the edge of a chair and lift your arms above your head as you inhale deeply through your nose. As you exhale through your nose, twist to the right, holding onto the armrest or the back of your chair. Stay in this position for three to five breaths, then inhale through your nose as you return to starting position with your arms above your head. Repeat on the opposite side.


For fatigue and anxiety: Sit in the middle of a chair and inhale deeply as you reach your arms behind your back and grab each elbow with the opposite hand (or clasp your hands together if you can’t reach your elbows). Exhale through your nose and fold forward, resting your head between your knees. Hold for five to 10 deep breaths.

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