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Each year, KIWI features a curated gift guide to help you shop for your loved ones during the holiday season with gifts that are better for you and the planet. As we continue this tradition, I’d like to reflect on how we carry out these customs. 

With universal supply-chain issues this year, the existential fear of missing out on purchases has pushed the holiday buying season earlier than ever. But should we still be focusing on the “stuff” associated with the holiday season in the face of our current climate and plastic pollution crisis? Perhaps this year we can collectively commit to making more mindful purchases and acquiring less when no more is needed.

“The Meaningful Holiday Gift Guide” is here to help you make the gifts you do buy, count (p. 25). Made with mental health, sustainability, and family togetherness in mind, quality over quantity will do more good for your family and the environment.

And no matter what holiday you celebrate, you can “Deck the Halls Without Hidden Toxins” (p. 12) and gather around the table with our “Soups and Sides to Celebrate” (p. 18). 

From all of us at KIWI, we wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy start to your new year.


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