5 Back-to-School Immune-Boosting Foods
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DIY Yarn Pumpkins
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3 Ways to Save End-of-Summer Herbs

This year, don’t let your beautiful bounty of fresh herbs go to waste. Use these three herb-saving hacks to preserve your favorite herbs.

Non-Toxic Homemade Playdough

Opt for an easy and non-toxic playdough for your kids. Made with basic pantry ingredients, this simple mixture creates just over one cup of playdough.

5 Back-to-School Immune-Boosting Foods

These five foods contain key nutrients to support a strong immune system the natural way—they’re the perfect addition to your kids’ diet this season.

10 Tasty Tomato Dishes for Summer

From colorful heirloom to sweet cherries, there are bountiful ways to use fresh tomatoes. Check out ten tasty tomato dishes perfect for summertime below.

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Where did summer go? I blinked and the back-to-school season is upon us yet again. This year is special for my family as we send our almost 3-year-old son off to preschool for the first time. I can’t believe we are entering the world of parent-teacher conferences and school schedules. It’s exciting (and sad!) to see my first baby turn into a big boy before my eyes.

For families all over the country, this school year presents uncertainties and we hope KIWI’s digital issues, website, and conferences will bring joy and much needed resources during these challenging times. We are especially excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, Raising Healthy Families with Moms Meet and KIWI. With expert interviews, we aim to give you the tools to enjoy the beauty and chaos of life with little ones in the healthiest way possible.

In this issue, we’ll hear from our favorite peaceful parenting guru, Dr. Laura Markham, on how to raise a connected family (pg. 15). (Don’t miss her on season one of the podcast, too!) We also share our sustainable back-to-school shopping guide to help you make more mindful purchases for our planet and your family (pg. 19). 

Our recipe feature, Batched Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings will help you conquer the chaos of those early hours so that the kids can head off to school fueled and ready to take on the day (pg. 24).

And don’t forget—it’s our birthday! To celebrate our 15- year anniversary, we’ve created a fun scavenger hunt for our readers to take part in throughout this issue. Join us also for our anniversary party on Facebook Live, happening September 9, at 2 p.m. EST

Fall Flavors

Whether you’re apple picking, hitting up the pumpkin patch, or enjoying the farmer’s market, these dishes will surely delight on those crisp days.