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Episode One: Your Guide to Navigating Summer Fun with Kids
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I will always be a summer person. I love ditching the layers, spending hours outdoors, and letting the kids roam free sans freezing temperatures. One of the highlights of this time of year has always been the abundance of fresh produce. To celebrate, we’ve whipped up a spread of in-season dishes for all your celebrations. You can find the recipes in “From the Garden: Summer’s Freshest Feast” on page 19.

This summer, it’s time to let go and let those littles get a wee bit dirty! The benefits of playing in the dirt are many and the imaginative possibilities are endless. To help get you started, we’ve got your guide to creating your very own mud kitchen in your backyard (p. 25.) While you’re enjoying the outdoors, be sure to brush up on tick safety with our story on page 27.

As you gear up with new summer clothes, be sure to check out our story, “Beyond Cheap Prices: What Fast Fashion Does to the Environment and How to Shop Smarter for Kids’ Clothes” (p. 11.) With a change in mindset and movement to slow fashion, you could save your family some money and help the planet at the same time.

From all of us at KIWI, have a safe and joyous summer!

Smoothie Season is Here!

Lighten up with some delicious and refreshing smoothies, just in time for summer.