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Made in Nature Summer Crafts

Bring the great outdoors inside with these three simple and fun crafts inspired by nature.

The Truth About Greenwashing

What happens when “green” companies aren’t practicing what they preach? We share what to look for to ensure the eco-products you buy are actually “green.”

In Season Now: Cucumber

Hydrating cucumbers are in season this summer! Try these refreshing recipes that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Happy birthday to us! KIWI magazine is turning 15 years old this year. It has been an honor dedicating the last decade and a half to bringing you the latest news on growing families the natural and organic way. Thank you for choosing us to be your partner in parenting. The health and happiness of your families is our number one priority. Join our celebration this September—get the details on page 15.

Summertime is officially here. Whether you spent winter bundled up for outdoor visits with loved ones, trudged your way through virtual school, or dealt with a health or economic hardship, this season is sure to bring hope. Over the last year, we’ve strived to be a resource for our audience during these unprecedented times and will continue to do so.

Our latest issue celebrates summer in the healthiest way possible. “Intuitive Eating for Families” (p. 12) will have you ditching diet culture once and for all, allowing you to instill a healthy relationship with food for your kids. As you gather together, look to our “Barbecue Mainstays Made Healthier” recipe feature for fresh fare (p. 24). 

If you want to get your littles to try new foods, get them cooking in the kitchen! Our “Ask the Nutritionist” column (p. 31) covers all the essentials for your budding sous chef. With fresh produce a plenty, this is a stellar time of year to venture down this culinary path with your kiddos.

What better way to stay well in these warmer months than to spend time outdoors? Our feature, “Found in Nature Summer Crafts” (p. 16) offers up an afternoon of foraging for supplies, followed by a simple craft idea you’ll love completing together. 

Don’t miss our virtual event calendar (p. 6), reading roundup (p. 12), the latest sustainability news (p. 8), and so much more! 

From all of us at KIWI, we wish you the best summer ever!

Summer Smoothies

Put that summer produce to good use in these delicious smoothie recipes.