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Balancing Your Hormones, Naturally

As our “messengers,” hormones are responsible for controlling major functions of the body, so it’s important to keep everything in balance.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Playroom

Our safe shopper guidelines will help you pair whimsy and wonder with non-toxic materials for a kid-zone that can’t be beat.

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KIWI Summer


Hello to our wonderful KIWI community far and wide. I hope everyone is remaining healthy, safe, and sane. These are definitely trying times we find ourselves in right now. You may be working from home while trying to homeschool or entertain your kids around the clock. It’s possible you are struggling financially or healthwise and are feeling overwhelmed by the stress of it all. Or, your area may be slowly opening back up and you’re weary of what the road ahead may bring.

We’re parents, too, at KIWI so we understand what you are going through and are here for you. With our Summer issue, we aim to bring you resources and activities to get you through this period and enjoy your summer and your home in the best way possible.

So whether you’re looking for advice on “Coping with Quarantine” (p. 17) or need to create a sustainable and toxic-free play space for your kids (p. 14), we’ve got you covered. You won’t want to miss “Science Experiments You Can Eat” (p. 29) for engaging yet easy activities to do with your kiddos during the summer months. The whole family will surely love the delicious smoothies we’re sharing on p. 23 as well.

We have some exciting news to share! KIWI’s brand new Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference is happening this August 3–9, 2020. This free event will help you to discover the big ideas and practical solutions behind sustainability, health and wellness, nutrition, and kid’s lunch. Learn more at beyondthelunchbox.com.

From all of us at KIWI, we wish you a healthy and safe summer celebrating the simple things like backyard barbecues, family walks, and adventures close to home. 

Enjoy the Best of Barbecue Season

Opt for in-season and local finds to throw on your grill this summer