20 Videos to Help Kids Learn About Our Planet

In honor of Earth Day, we searched the Internet for videos to teach kids about science and nature in fun, engaging ways. Here, top KIWI picks from five of our favorite YouTube channels.


The clever, hand-drawn animations in this video series are sure to capture your child’s attention. Each episode explores an interesting question, offering simple but scientific answers. Start off with “Can Plants Think?,” which focuses on how different types of flora can listen and feel—and how this capability allows plants to react to different environmental stimuli.

Other fun videos to watch:

Earth Unplugged

Videos on this channel offer a compilation of fun animal facts, beautiful wildlife imagery, and time-lapse cinematography. Each creative clip—made in partnership with the BBC—will leave your kids in awe of the natural world. Check out “Top 10 Crazy Colored Animals,” which highlights the most colorful creatures and explains why they sport such cool hues.

Other fun videos to watch:

It’s Okay to be Smart

Hosted by biologist Joe Hanson, Ph.D., in partnership with PBS, this quirky show (with its motto of “Stay Curious”) makes the case that science is for everyone. One clip, titled “Climate Science: What You Need to Know,” gives viewers a brief history of climate change and discusses why taking action is so crucial.

Other fun videos to watch:


In this entertaining, fast-paced animated video series, narrators answer scientific questions about the planet. One of our favorites: “Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?,” which explains how the earth ended up with big, beautiful oceans.

Other fun videos to watch:


Families can explore a wide array of topics with the hosts of SciShow, who make complex science easy to understand. One video that’s sure to come in handy: “Why Is the Sky Blue?,”  which explains the concept behind visual light and how the human eye perceives different colors.

Other fun videos to watch: