3 Easy Unicorn Recipes

These recipes were originally posted on Moms Meet.

All you need is a little unicorn magic to make any recipe into something fantastic! These recipes use Color Garden Pure Natural Food Colors. (PS: They don’t stain!)

Here are three simple and easy unicorn-themed recipes.

Easy Unicorn Toast
This colorful breakfast or snack is as simple as adding natural food coloring to your favorite toast-topping and blending together for an ombre effect.

Unicorn Cupcakes

Magical Unicorn-Topped Cupcakes
Unicorn cupcakes would be perfect for a themed party! Achieving the swirling rainbow icing is easier than you might think.

Unicorn Veggie Dip

Kid-Friendly Unicorn Veggie Dip
Getting your kids to eat their vegetables has never been easier with these colorful unicorn dips.