3 Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Whether you live up North or down South, your kids can totally enjoy their favorite white fluff—regardless of Mother Nature. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite snow-inspired ideas for you to help keep the kids occupied this winter.

Make it yourself: Just because there’s no snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t bring some inside. One of my favorite blogs, Modern Parents Messy Kids, features an easy DIY-idea to create a mini “snowscape” indoors, using corn-starch and shaving cream. Set up a table one weekend and let the kids go nuts with their very own non-melting snowman. Check it out here.

Snow Globe: Let the kids create snow they’ll love to shake with this easy up-cycled craft from KIWI magazine. The snow is created by taking old Styrofoam from packages and placing it in a blender to create fine, fluffy flakes.

Go color crazy: If you actually have snow outside, skip the standard snowman and encourage your kids to get creative with color. Breakout the water guns, old spray bottles, or squirt water bottles, and fill them with water and a few drops of all-natural food-coloring. Then encourage your kids to spray away, using the snow as their canvas. Kids will love the bright, fun colors and you’ll love the lack of clean up. Got no snow? Check out this fun snow-inspired printable your kids can color.