3 Ways for Moms to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Moms, you do a lot for your families, so take a break this Mother’s Day and celebrate with these fun ideas:


Your days are usually spent doing for others. On Mother’s Day, take a moment to go online and splurge on something that’s not normally on your list, like nice underwear, a massage, or your favorite perfume. Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself; you deserve it!


Let your family show you how much they care by giving you a compliment shower. At dinner, go around the table with each person expressing all the reasons they love you and why they think you’re the best. Enjoy the compliments being showered on you! You’ll be surprised at all the little things they love.


Sure, time spent with the family is wonderful, but all moms need a few hours alone to recharge. Have your spouse or partner take the kids for the afternoon and hunker down for some well-deserved you time. Whether it’s a bubble bath, calling an old friend, or going for a walk, simply enjoy your time off on this special day.

Traci Paige Johnson, a member of KIWI’s editorial advisory board, is a children’s media expert and mom of three. The co-creator of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!, she is also the founder of Yummico, which makes “delicious media that’s good and good for you.”