4 Books That Teach Kids About the Environment

Through organized protests all across the world, the topic of environmentalism has become a battle cry from younger generations. In a world that demands change, we can do our best to educate and inspire our children to take the first step to combat climate change. Here are four books highlighting the importance of saving the environment and our planet.

Heal the Earth by Julian Lennon (Starting at $13, Sky Pony, Ages 3–6)

Take an adventure with your little one with this book that soars high to show the young and old the majesty of our planet. It’s a fun way to introduce compassion to the earth and all its living creatures that make it so precious.

Don’t Let Them Disappear by Chelsea Clinton (Starting at $11, Philomel Books, Ages 4–8)

This captivating book opens the conversation about what it means to be an endangered species and how our future generations can keep these animals from disappearing. Informative and beautifully illustrated, your kiddos won’t want to put this down.

Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar (Starting at $8, Yearling, Ages 10–13)

When a group of kids stumble upon a scientific experiment gone wrong in the forest by their school, do they have the power to reverse the damage done by the government? The latest book by the Holes writer is suspenseful, action-packed, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines by Paul Fleischman (Starting at $10, Candlewick, Ages 14–17)

If your teen isn’t sure how to become an environmental activist, look no further than Fleischman’s educationally-dense resource book. This call to action offers the tools to help younger generations understand the problem and what they can do to help make a change.