5 Best Rhythmic Instruments for Toddlers

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Feel the beat with music and movement just for your little one. A five-year-long study from the University of Southern California showed that music helps develop children’s brain development. Music can also expand vocabulary, ignite imagination, develop gross and fine motor skills, and cultivate problem-solving skills, patience, and perseverance. Here are 5 of our favorite rhythmic instruments to gift your toddler this holiday season.

Stoie’s Wooden Music Set (Starting at $37.96, amazon.com)

This eco-friendly wooden music set features 17 percussion instruments such as a tambourine, castanet, hand drum, maracas, and more. As a bonus, the instruments fit into a cotton drawstring bag for safe keeping until the next jam session.

M Sanmersen Piano Mat (Starting at $18.99, amazon.com)

Your tot will love to jump from key to key on this electronic piano mat that comes with eight kinds of instrument sounds (piano, violin, accordion, etc.). The playmat is made of soft, non-woven and non-toxic fabric. Plus, it’s foldable for easy storage and durable to withstand endless jumping.

Pick A Toy Rainstick (Starting at $14.90, amazon.com)

The soothing sound of this high-quality bamboo rainstick is one kids and adults alike won’t mind listening to for hours. The rain stick is made to fit perfectly in little hands and includes a colorful rainbow design.

Janod Pure Banjo (Starting at $24.99, amazon.com)

Give your toddler their first guitar! The wooden banjo is just the right size and weight for little ones to hold while they play. Made of natural and sustainable materials and painted with non-toxic and water-based paint, this safe and fun banjo is built to last.

PlanToys Wood Drum (Starting at $30, amazon.com)

This wood drum is great for younger children (18 months and up). It comes with one drum stick that has a rubber tip to help soften the sound. Fun tip: Each tap to different sections of the drum will produce different sounds.