5 Games That Raid the Recycling Bin

Your child can get hours of eco-entertainment thanks to these items that every family has on hand. Here’s what she can do with…

Milk cartons She can play scoop ball. Help your child cut the top and three sides off two gallon-size milk jugs, leaving the handle and the bottom. Then use your scoops to play catch with a pal.

Toilet paper rolls She can build a marble chute. Have her tape empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes into a tunnel, then launch her marble (or another small ball) as far as it will go.

Soda bottles and newspaper He can make a ring toss game. Have him roll sheets of newspaper into long tubes, then tape them into circles. Ready, aim, loop a bottle!

Aluminum foil She can squeeze, squash, and mold a piece of foil into a cool sculpture.

Magazines He can cut a picture he likes from an old magazine into puzzle pieces, then challenge a friend to put it together.