5 Gifts Mom Will Actually Love on Mother’s Day

Mom—the glue that holds the whole operation together. She does everything possible to keep her family happy, healthy, and safe. She rocks the car pool like a champ, shows her support on the sideline of every game, and answers every middle of the night call from down the hall—just to name a few. At times she may be the unsung hero of the family. So on Mother’s day, it’s high time that she gets the recognition she deserves with a gift (or two, or three!) that she’ll actually love.

1. A Game for Girl’s Night In

Mom deserves a night to unwind, recharge her batteries, and connect with her friends. 3 Jewels offers the perfect entertainment that allows players a creative outlet, a chance to connect on a deeper level, and lots of laughs along the way. The simple act of enjoying the company of friends with a game like this is crucial in today’s world of busy schedules and mounting stress. ($49, 3jewelsgame.com)

2. Nourishing Hair Care Sans the Toxins

Treat mom to salon-quality hair care with Desert Essence’s Anti-Breakage Shampoo. With natural ingredients like jojoba, coconut oils, aloe, saw palmetto, and no toxins, she’ll love sudsing up with a shampoo that keeps her hair strong and soft. (Starting at $10, amazon.com)

3. A Hilarious Read for Expectant Moms

There are so many books out there to help mothers-to-be navigate the serious aspects of prenatal care and how to prepare for baby’s arrival. Say No to Placenta Pics is not one of these books, alas, it is so much more. It is everything your pregnant wife needs to laugh her way through the crazy changes that come with carrying a child. (Starting at $10, amazon.com)

4. Make a Difference for Women Around the World

With so much money spent on Mother’s Day, the folks behind the Mother’s Day Movement wanted to start a movement—a movement of funds to mothers in need around the world. So if you are looking to share something meaningful with your family on May 13 and teach your littles about helping others, donate to the Mother’s Day Movement. Your contributions go to making a difference in healthcare, education, clean drinking water, and more. (Make a donation, mothersdaymovement.org)

5.Sweeten Up Mom’s Tea Time

Moms don’t have a lot of free time, but when they do get a chance to sit and sip, make sure it’s something delicious, indulgent, and just as sweet as they are. Tea Forté’s Dolce Vita collection features naturally sweet, antioxidant-rich, organic dessert teas in flavors like Pear Cobbler and Raspberry Coconut—the perfect treat for the world’s best mom. (Starting at $20 for the Petite Presentation Box, teaforte.com)