5 Kid-Friendly Earth Day Activities

Celebrate the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day by getting your kids involved in five fun and eco-friendly activities! 

Plant a garden

Growing food helps kids understand the full life cycle of a plant—from seedlings to a producing plant. This increased connection to fruits and vegetables often encourages children to expand their palate. Plus, it helps cut back on your carbon footprint, gives you access to more fruits and vegetables, and is a fun bonding activity! Learn how to plant a themed edible garden.

Host a clean-up day

Recruit a few other families and head to local parks, recreation areas, and town centers to pick up litter. Set a goal of how many pieces you want to collect to make it into a fun challenge for the kids. Don’t forget to wear gloves and recycle what you find!

Start a compost pile or bin

Starting a compost bin or pile is a great way to eco-consciously get rid of food scraps. There are many added benefits of composting at home, including enriching the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, and reducing food waste in landfills. Feeling like it might be a challenge to get started or get your little ones to help you? Hear how one mom started composting with kids.

Pick up a good book 

The topic of environmentalism has become a battle cry from younger generations that is highlighted during Earth Day. In a world that demands change, we can do our best to educate and inspire our children to take the first step to combat climate change. Check out four books that highlight the importance of saving the environment and our planet.

Pledge to change your habits 

Planting trees and digging in the garden aren’t the only ways to participate in Earth Day. Whether you decide to conserve water or reduce your use of chemicals, there are many easy ways that you can help the planet every day. Here are 22 Earth Day tips that offer small ideas that can add up to make a big difference.