5 Tips for Summer Travel with Kids

Summer is here! While traveling with kids might look different compared to pre-pandemic years, your family trip can still be filled with fun, relaxation, and loads of memorable experiences. We rounded up our best summer travel tips to ensure your family vacation is one for the record books.

1. Plan Ahead with your kids

Involving your kids and teenagers in the trip planning process is a great way to help them take part-ownership of your vacation. For younger kids, you may want to give them a few options when planning activities (i.e., if you’re planning a beach day, they can choose from snorkeling, boogie boarding, sand play, etc). Older children and teenagers might be ready to take on a bigger task of planning an entire day’s activities.

2. Create a Master Packing List

From clothing and shoes to passports/IDs, a First Aid kit, and your little one’s favorite stuffy, there are many items you’ll want to take on your trip. Rather than just throwing everything into suitcases, create one master list of items before packing—and then don’t forget to check it twice.

3. Stay COVID-Safe

When traveling with unvaccinated children, the CDC recommends continuing to follow safety guidelines of frequent hand-washing, wearing masks, and social distancing. Keep in mind that public transportation and some businesses require masks, so make sure you pack extra for you and your family. For more COVID-19 travel tips, read the CDC’s guidelines for domestic and international travel.

4. Be Heat-Ready

The summer sun can be draining if you’re not well prepared for it. In addition to applying (and reapplying) sunscreen, ensure your whole family stays hydrated every day. Remember that caffeinated beverages such as coffee, teas, and sodas are known to promote dehydration, so remember to drink plenty of water.

5. Schedule Downtime

When planning our family trips, we sometimes have a tendency to pack in as many activities as possible, which can be tiring for both kids and parents. Remember to include some downtime on non-busy days to give your family time to relax and recharge. 

Bonus tip: In addition to including time for relaxation in your schedule, take time to enjoy the memories you’re making with your kids. Have fun, eat delicious food, try new things, and laugh together! And snap some photos and capture videos along the way!