5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween

family celebrating Halloween

Whether you head out in the neighborhood, or stick close to home, there are endless ways to have a ghoulishly delightful day with your kids. Here are five of our favorite ways to get in the spooky spirit this time of year.

Create a Candy Scavenger Hunt

Hide treats around your house or yard and let your kids find each hiding spot. Up your scavenger hunt by crafting clues to help your kids find their candy. Great hiding spots inside include your washer, under a rock in the backyard, tucked into a pillow, and nestled in some mums on the front porch.

Have a Pumpkin Painting Contest

Rather than making a mess with pumpkin pieces everywhere, break out non-toxic paint to make your pumpkins more colorful and fun! After painting, hold a vote to see who will be crowned the next Pumpkin Picasso. 

Craft DIY Yarn Pumpkins 

These easy-to-make yarn pumpkins are a great way to add pops of fun fall colors. Using only a few basic supplies, you can craft the perfect pumpkin patch for your home. 

Make Sambucol Treats

Don’t be spooked by fall germs! Make sure your family is prepared with spook-tacular immune–supporting treats from Sambucol. Featuring Purple Popcorn Balls, Wickedly Chocolate Witch Cupcakes, and a Monster Smash Cocktail. 

Watch Halloween Movies with Healthy Halloween Snacks 

Snuggle up on the couch with your kids for a Halloween movie marathon complete with tasty treats. Learn how you can make an easy and healthy Halloween snack board here.