5 Eco-Activities To Do With Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate Dad and all the hard work he does. In honor of this yearly event, we’ve rounded up six eco-friendly activities kids can do to bond with the big guy.

Start a garden in the backyard
A great way for the whole family to spend some time with Dad is to plant a garden in the yard. Pick up some nice bulbs to plant flowers, or grab some tomato and cucumber seeds from the store to make your own vegetable patch. Make sure you check out these “Tips for Gardening With Kids”.

Grill up some dinner for the whole family
Summer is the perfect time to use the grill. Head outdoors and cook up something tasty for Dad and the gang following these “Seven Tips for Safer Grilling”

Host a family reading hour
We know Dad works hard, so treat him to a cozy reading hour. Chill out at home or head to the local library to pick out new books and sit in the park together in the fresh air. If there are no parks nearby, bring a blanket or towel outside to the yard and soak up some sunshine while everyone takes turns reading. Go the extra step and teach your kiddos how to make their own bookmarks.

Play catch or start a game of tag
Bring the whole family outside for a big game of catch or tag. When everyone is tuckered out, lay on the grass, look up at the clouds, and try to guess shapes as they pass by.

Plant a terrarium
If it’s rainy out and there’s no way to go outside without getting soaking wet, plant a terrarium in the house with the kids using a two-liter plastic bottle and this guide

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful and dedicated dads out there!