6 Labor Day Crafts and Activities

labor day

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. With kids heading back to school and the weather beginning to cool off, this long weekend is the beginning of a new season for most. Celebrate with a delicious grilled dinner, outdoor activities, and plenty of family time.

Build a Backyard Fort

Your children can build an outdoor fort that provides them with a place to play while roaming your yard. Start this activity by brainstorming items that would help construct an outdoor fort. From boxes or pieces of cardboard to old sheets and blankets draped over tent stakes to using a fence as a built-in wall, your children have lots of options. Once the materials are gathered, you may need some duct tape to secure cardboard boxes or blankets to line the floor of the fort. Personalize the fort by giving it a name and adding a sign with fort rules. When the fort is ready to go, the options for play are endless. Your children can host a secret meeting or read books in the comfort of their newfound hideout while enjoying the fresh air.

Get patriotic with your decor 

DIY Red White and Blue Garland

Decorate with a red, white, and blue garland to add pops of patriotic color to your home. A true DIY, you can be as creative as you want with the designs on the stars, from a festive set of stripes to a more simple look. Learn how to make your very own DIY Red, White, and Blue Garland here

Grill up dinner for the whole family

As summer is coming to a close, mark the last few long evenings by heading outdoors and cooking up something tasty. Celebrate end-of-summer bounty by grilling up corn on the cob, peaches, and more! Make sure to follow these “Seven Tips for Safer Grilling”

Cool off with ice cubes in a flash

Ice Cubs in a Flash

During the last days of summer, it can feel like the heat never ends. Isn’t it frustrating when you want a chilled drink but don’t have any ice on hand? But did you know you can make ice cubes quickly using hot water? Make a fun snackable science craft to chill your Labor Day libations. It’s not instantaneous, but it’s worth a go just to see if it works for you! 

Host a family reading hour

Chill out at home or sit outside together in the fresh air and soak up the last of the summer sunshine while everyone takes turns reading. Perhaps catch up on that summer reading that went by the wayside for the last few weeks. Go the extra step and teach your kiddos how to make their own bookmarks.

Plant a terrarium

If it’s rainy out and there’s no way to go outside without getting soaking wet, plant a terrarium in the house with the kids using a two-liter plastic bottle and this guide