8 Easter Eco-Crafts, Gifts, and Candies

8 Eco Easter Crafts

With Easter right around the corner, we’re sharing eight eco-crafts, gifts, and candies to give your little bunnies a holiday filled with better-for-you treats from brands we love. These products are healthier, good for the environment, and cute as can be!

Natural Egg Dye

1. Natural Egg Dye Kit from Natural Earth Paint

Egg dye naturally seeps through the shell into the egg itself. So if your dye contains toxins like Red #40, so will the egg inside that you eat. With the Natural Egg Dye Kit, the colors are derived from fruits, herbs, and veggies so that you can feel good about little hands coloring and little mouths eating the eggs. This vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free kit features four natural dyes to make 5-6 colors, as well as an instruction sheet with creative ideas to get you started. ($10, naturalearthpaint.com)

Wooden Egg Craft Kit

2. Wooden Egg Craft Kit from Natural Earth Paint

Want a craft that will last for years to come? Try these handmade and sustainable eggs made with FSC certified wood from responsibly managed forests. The eco-friendly kit contains six 2-inch wooden eggs, six colors of Children’s Earth Paint, and one bamboo paintbrush. ($17, naturalearthpaint.com)

Organic Farms Bunny

3. Organic Farm Bunnies from Apple Park

Want an Easter pal your kids can snuggle with? These hypoallergenic plush stuffed bunnies are made from 100% organic cotton, natural silk, and sustainable corn and hemp. They are toxin free and come in an array of pretty prints for you to choose from. (Starts at $16, amazon.com)

Eco-Eggs Coloring and Grass Growing Kit

4. Eco-Eggs Coloring and Grass Growing Kit from Eco-Kids

This natural egg coloring set includes a grass growing kit, offering the perfect eco-friendly display for your newly painted eggs. With dye made from natural and organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts, this kit includes 3 coloring packets, an eco-crayon for decorating, grass seeds, and eco-coconut husk pucks for soil. (Starts at $11, amazon.com)

Eco Eggs

5. Eco Eggs

Go green at this year’s Easter Egg Hunt with these plastic eggs made from plants. These 100% renewable plastic eggs contain no petroleum or toxic chemicals making them a safe place for hiding your kid’s Easter goodies. (Starts at $16, amazon.com)

Eco Grass

6. Eco Grass from Eco Eggs

Fill up that Easter basket with a healthier alternative made from 100% recycled material. Unlike conventional grass, eco eggs’ grass goes through a clean manufacturing process so it does not contain soot or residue. The eco grass is available in three vibrant colors: green, pink, and yellow. Best of all, the grass comes in a reusable bag to use year after year. (Starts at $7, amazon.com)

DIY Easter Basket

7. DIY Easter Basket

Ditch the store-bought basket for a homemade one with our DIY 3-step directions. Your kids will love getting to add their creative flair to the festivities. (kiwimagonline.com)

Healthier Easter Candy

8. Healthier Easter Candy Alternatives

Looking for some treats to fill those eco-friendly eggs and baskets with? Check out our list of better-for-you sweets featuring organic, nut-free, vegan, and naturally-sourced ingredients. (kiwimagonline.com)