8 Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah With Your Family

Every family has their own traditions for celebrating eight days and nights of the festival of lights. From lighting the menorah to reciting blessings, singing songs, and enjoying traditional Jewish dishes, you can honor the history of the holiday with your loved ones. We’ve compiled eight recipes and crafts to help your family celebrate the season!

Handspun Hanukkah Stars

Start a new tradition of crafting with your kids to get in the spirit of the season. These easy-to-make handspun Hanukkah stars are a great family activity that later double as decorations. Try This Craft.

Healthier Rainbow Latkes

Traditionally cooked in oil, our version of latkes are baked instead of fried and full of vegetables and whole grains. Get Recipe.

Plantable Seed Paper Dreidels

Use a premade paper pattern to create printable dreidels that can double as gifts—fill them with gelt—for family and friends. The best part? They give back to our Earth all year long. Simply plant them in the ground and wait for them to sprout! Try This Craft.

DIY Hanukkah Lights

These Hanukkah lights are made by painting dots in shapes of your choice (think flowers, circles, stars) onto glass jars and adding a votive candle to light for each of the eight nights of the holiday. Try This Craft.

Challah Bread

Celebrate with your family by baking this classic challah bread recipe using a simple set of ingredients and directions for a beautiful and delicious addition to your holiday table. Get Recipe.

Dreidel Shaped Pouch

This simple dreidel-shaped pouch is built to hold gelt, a gift card, or other small holiday treasures to present to your family members. It’s easy to make, just grab some felt, hot glue, and your sewing materials! Try This Craft.

Dairy-Free Apple Cake

Jewish Apple Cake is a popular recipe in Pennsylvania. Since this cake doesn’t contain any milk, it is considered parve, which means it does not contain meat or dairy. It can be eaten after a meal containing meat under the Jewish dietary rule that meat and milk cannot be eaten in the same meal together. Get Recipe.

Decorating With Stars

Spruce up your home for the winter holidays with the help of this festive Hanukkah craft that uses old cookie cutters to help create stars for this simple and chic artwork. Try This Craft.