A Mother’s Day Q and A with KIWI and Moms Meet

mother's day

Moms deserve all the praise, especially right now while we juggle parenting, teaching, and often working from home during a pandemic. We know the daily grind can be hard, so don’t lose sight of the amazing work you are doing everyday to raise your family. To celebrate all the rockstar moms this Mother’s Day, we enlisted the KIWI and Moms Meet team to share a little bit about their #momlife.

Maxine Wolf, CEO and Founder of Moms Meet and KIWI magazine

Maxine Wolf and her daughter Maylee.

What do you love most about being a mom? I love everything about being a mom, from the very first day that I was “mom” to now with my 21-year-old daughter. It’s been a true joy to watch my daughter grow into a young woman and to see her not only as a daughter but, finally, as a friend.

I also love how she’s taken the lessons that she’s learned from me over the years about natural, organic and eco and incorporated them into her adult life.

Share your best (or worst) mom fail moment: I had to contribute baked goods to an evening school event. I was working, and didn’t have time to bake so I sent my husband to buy cookies that looked homemade at a bakery. He was instructed to put them into a Tupperware container to further make it look like I had actually baked them, and also put my name on the container so the school committee would know that I donated the cookies.

When we got to the school event that night and I didn’t see my cookies among the beautifully baked and decorated cakes and cookies, I went looking for them in a back room. My husband had bought Chips Ahoy and put the package in a container with my name on it! That’s why my cookies weren’t put out. It was mortifying. I felt like the worst mom ever!

Mom confession: I don’t drink wine at home in front of my daughter. She thinks that I don’t really like it… ha!

Annie Douglass, Chief Mom Ambassador

Annie Douglass with her three kids.

Funniest thing your kid has said to you: When Connor lost his first tooth, I asked him if he was ready for his first tooth fairy visit. He promptly told me that he didn’t think the tooth fairy was real. When I asked why he thought that, he said “I think the tooth fairy died in the civil war.”

What’s your favorite part about being home safe with your kids right now? My favorite part is having more time to be present with the kids and spend quality family time together. We’ve had more time to play lots of board games, work on puzzles, and bake together. It’s been a nice change of pace, from running around in a million directions to just being home together.

How has working for Moms Meet helped change your lifestyle? I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’m definitely a lot more cautious and mindful about the choices I make in products I purchase and brands that I support. I try not to go overboard, but I know that the little changes and decisions I make today will make a difference in my family’s health and life. And that makes me feel good.

Sylvia Baker, Director of Consumer Insights

Sylvia Baker with her three boys and husband.

What do you love most about being a mom? My boys are older, so I love just being with them and talking. And I still love their hugs and kisses.

Share your best (or worst) mom fail moment: When the clothes smell like mildew because they sat it in the washer for a day (or two) before drying them.

Mom confession: Re-gifting when my kids had a birthday party to go to and I forgot to buy a gift.

Caitlin Ciance, Web Developer

Web Developer Caitlin Ciance and her daughter.
Web Developer Caitlin Ciance and her daughter.

What do you love most about being a mom?
I love how much she loves me. My daughter is very cuddly and loving. There isn’t a better feeling than coming home from work and seeing how happy she is to see me.

How has working for Moms Meet helped change your lifestyle?
I really take the time to look at the ingredients and products that I bring into my home. I now know how important that is!

What’s your favorite part about being home safe with your daughter right now? We are able to take life slowly now. With all of the hustle and bustle of being a working mom, getting my daughter to and from daycare, plus having healthy dinners and keeping a clean home, I felt rushed. I often yearned to slow life down a bit, and be able to live in the moment more. I enjoy more morning cuddles, and I find I am more patient when I am not rushing my daughter. We may be VERY off schedule, but we are enjoying this time together. 

Lauren Houston, Project Manager

Lauren Houston with her husband and two kids.

Advice for new moms: Go easy on yourself. At the beginning, just getting through the day is an accomplishment in and of itself, and if you find time to take a shower, that’s a huge bonus. Find a group of likeminded fellow moms who are non-judgmental and make you laugh through the ups and downs of early motherhood. Find a good pediatrician and develop a good relationship with her/him. If you choose/are able to breastfeed, seek out support (lactation consultant, support group, another mom, etc.) because it can be very difficult. Postpartum depression is a very real thing and happens to many women—keep talking with your doctor.

What’s your favorite part about being home safe with your kids right now? I feel like you should tell people not to respond to this question until they’ve had their nightly glass or two of wine. But for me, favorite part of being home is creating daily rituals: family walks, non-rushed breakfast time, movies and popcorn, calling or FaceTiming with the kids’ friends and grandparents, etc. 

Funniest thing your kid has said to you: My kids make me laugh almost every day with the things they say. Lately, my son has been repeating a lot of the phrases his Pre-K teachers use. The other day on our way to school, he asked me to stop at a convenience store to get a treat, and I told him we didn’t have time. His reply: “Mommy, I believe in you. We have time. You can do it.”

Chrissy Kissinger, Project Manager

Chrissy Kissinger with her two kids.

What do you love most about being a mom? Being loved unconditionally. Being their “person” and knowing I can make everything right in the world for them. There is nothing better than hearing your child say “I love you” for the first time. Or when your too-cool-older-child sneaks one last hug in after he’s wiped away all of your kisses and tells you “You’re beautiful Mommy”.

Mom confession: Sometimes when my kids ask to go to the playground and I don’t want to go, I point to the beautiful blue sky with one puffy white cloud and tell my kids that means a storm is coming.

Funniest thing your kid has said to you: When I gave Owen a kiss. Owen: “Why do you kiss me so much” me: “Because I love you” Owen: “You don’t have to love me THAT much.”

Maureen Frost, Editorial Director

Maureen Frost and her son.

What’s your favorite part about being home safe with your kids right now? When I’m working in my bedroom (now dubbed the corner office) I can hear Declan escape from my mom and burst down the hallway at full speed, on his way to bust in and see me. It’s the best part of my day.

What do you love most about being a mom? Literally, everything (except the no sleep thing!) But seriously, I love seeing Declan’s personality develop. He is so happy, cuddly, and fun to be with. He can melt hearts with his toothy grin. We celebrate big with every little milestone. Watching him grow will always be the greatest joy of my life.

Advice for new moms: Follow your intuition. Err on the side of caution. And take an excessive amount of videos.

Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful mom community!