Beautiful Dreamer Dream Catcher

This dream catcher uses Eco-fi felt, which is made of recycled bottles, and is the perfect eco-craft to make with your child.


  • Old hula hoop
  • Six large, empty tape rolls (from packing or duct tape)
  • Nontoxic tempera paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn (three balls, in different colors)
  • Scissors
  • Eco-fi felt (five colors)
  • Nontoxic glue


1. Paint hula hoop and empty tape rolls as desired. Let dry.

2. Tie yarn into a knot around one side of the hula hoop, then pull the yarn across to the opposite side of the hoop and make a half-knot so it will stay. Continue running the yarn back and forth from one side of the hoop to the other, moving to a slightly different place on the hoop each time, until desired pattern is achieved. Cut the string and tie a knot to secure the design. Repeat this technique with the six tape rolls, alternating colors as desired.

3. Cut 24 feather shapes from different colors of felt.

4. Cut 24 8-inch pieces of yarn. Take three of the tape rolls and tie three pieces of yarn to each one so the excess yarn hangs from the same side of each roll. Repeat this process with the remaining three tape rolls, this time securing five pieces of yarn to each. Glue feathers to the bottom of each piece of yarn. You should now have six small dream catchers.

5. Lay your hula hoop on the ground. Arrange the three tape rolls that contain three feathers each in a row about 4 inches below one edge of the hoop. Place the three remaining tape rolls about 4 inches below the first row.

6. Cut six 10-inch pieces of yarn. Secure the upper three tape rolls to the hula hoop by tying one end of the yarn to the hoop and another to a tape roll. Repeat this process with the lower tape rolls, but instead of securing them to the hula hoop, secure them to the first row of dream catchers.

7. Tie a piece of yarn to the top of the hula hoop and hang from the ceiling or a wall.