Beyond the Lunchbox Bonus Viewing

Beyond the Lunchbox Bonus Viewing

How the Plastic Pollution Crisis Harms Us and What We Can Do to Help

Julie Anderson→ and Charles Rolsky→, Plastic Oceans

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Our global plastic consumption not only negatively affects our delicate ecosystem but also our own human health. The good news is, we can make a difference with our personal choices as consumers. Join this crucial conversation with Plastic Oceans founder and director of science as they discuss the many ways our overdependence on plastic harms our world. You’ll also learn the necessary steps you can take to lessen the burden on our planet. 

Raising a Healthy Eater: Tips and Tricks For Toddlers and Kids

Janel Funk, Registered Dietitian and Lactation Specialist→

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Healthy eating is paramount to our kid’s overall health but it can be downright challenging to get little ones to eat nutritious foods sometimes. In this session, Janel Funk will share valuable tips and tricks to help you raise healthy eaters. You’ll learn how to make mealtime smoother, what strategies to avoid, unique ways to get kids involved in the feeding process, and so much more. 

Engaging Youth in the Future of Our Ocean Planet

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.→, Ashlan Cousteau→, Stacey Rafalowski→, and Jaclyn Gerakios→

Youth today have the determination, audacity, and drive to rewrite the rules for a restorative and proactive approach to environmentalism. But what is the best way to support and engage the young people in our lives to become stewards of the planet? In this session, explorers and advocates Philippe Cousteau, Jr. (grandson of Jacques Cousteau) and Ashlan Cousteau, kick off a presentation with their team at EarthEcho International, a global nonprofit that works with young leaders, educators, mentors, and partners around the globe who are committed to building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet.

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