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Monday, August 2, 2021

How the Plastic Pollution Crisis Harms Us and What We Can Do to Help

Sponsored by Hippo Sak

Julie Anderson→ and Charles Rolsky→, Plastic Oceans

Our global plastic consumption not only negatively affects our delicate ecosystem but also our own human health. The good news is, we can make a difference with our personal choices as consumers. Join this crucial conversation with Plastic Oceans founder and director of science as they discuss the many ways our overdependence on plastic harms our world. You’ll also learn the necessary steps you can take to lessen the burden on our planet.

Raising a Healthy Eater: Tips and Tricks For Toddlers and Kids

 Sponsored by Happy Family Organics

Janel Funk, Registered Dietitian and Lactation Specialist →

Healthy eating is paramount to our kid’s overall health but it can be downright challenging to get little ones to eat nutritious foods sometimes. In this session, Janel Funk will share valuable tips and tricks to help you raise healthy eaters. You’ll learn how to make mealtime smoother, what strategies to avoid, unique ways to get kids involved in the feeding process, and so much more. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Radical Middle Way: Bringing Balance Back to Your Family’s Health

Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh, Board-Certified Pediatrician →

The daily grind can get overwhelming and often sideline your best intentions, especially for busy families. In his talk, Dr. Gator explores the Buddhist story and how we can apply these ancient principles to our modern lives. He’ll discuss the divisions afflicting society today and how a return to finding balance and the “middle way” will benefit overall health. Centered around finding balance in healthcare, our lives, family, nutrition, social media, and planetary health, you’ll leave this session with a sense of calm and focus to create a better way forward for your family.

How to Help Your Kids Become Conscious Consumers With Insights from Real Teens

Sponsored by sk*p

April Hardwick, Co-founder, sk*p →

When it comes to personal care products, you have the power to choose better for your household and it starts with understanding the importance of clean and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Join a virtual panel who will discuss teen skincare and clean beauty as it relates to sustainability and brands with purpose. The panel will include real teens who will weigh in on some of these key issues. Parents will learn tips to help their teens navigate skincare, body care, and overall clean beauty.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Engaging Youth in the Future of Our Ocean Planet

Philippe Cousteau, Jr. →, Ashlan Cousteau →, Stacey Rafalowski →, and Jaclyn Gerakios →

Youth today have the determination, audacity, and drive to rewrite the rules for a restorative and proactive approach to environmentalism. But what is the best way to support and engage the young people in our lives to become stewards of the planet? In this session, explorers and advocates Philippe Cousteau, Jr. (grandson of Jacques Cousteau) and Ashlan Cousteau, kick off a presentation with their team at EarthEcho International, a global nonprofit that works with young leaders, educators, mentors, and partners around the globe who are committed to building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet.

Healthy Breakfast Hacks + Supplement the Gaps

Sponsored by NOW Kids

Elizabeth Shaw, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist →

Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to get fiber, calcium, and other important nutrients they need to power their growth, development, and concentration through the day. But, reality check here. We all know getting tired kids to eat a good meal in the morning can be tricky especially when running short on time. Registered dietitian nutritionist and mom of two, Elizabeth Shaw will share her healthy hacks for boosting the nutrient content of simple breakfast options. She’ll teach us how parents can help cover the bases by offering quality supplement support to help kids thrive and start the day off right. You’ll feel good knowing your child is getting on the bus with a healthy head start to the day!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Navigating the Back-to-School Transition

Sponsored by Mabel’s Labels

Daryaneh Badaly, PhD, clinical neuropsychologist, Child Mind Institute →

With many kids heading back into the classroom after a year of hybrid or virtual learning, you may be concerned with how your child will handle the transition. In this timely session, Dr. Badaly will offer important guidance to help your family navigate your new routine. She’ll also speak with KIWI’s Chrissy Kissinger in a Q and A session to answer common questions and concerns parents may have during this unprecedented time. 

Beyond the Label: Why Sometimes What’s NOT on a Product Label Just Might Be What’s Most Important

Jaclyn Bowen, Clean Label Project→

Over the past several years, there has been a proliferation of on-package label claims, like “Certified Organic”, “Non-GMO Project”, and “Gluten-free” to help you make the best choices for your family. But what about the things you can’t find on labels that may be harming your family’s health, like heavy metals, glyphosate, BPA, and beyond? In Jaclyn’s talk, you’ll learn the science behind these contaminants and what you can do to protect your family and become a more informed consumer.

Friday, August 6, 2021

How Sleep Impacts School-Aged Children and What You Can Do to Improve It

Dr. Nilong Vyas, Board-certified pediatrician, Sleepless in NOLA

With early start times, afternoon sports, and extracurricular activities, kids need good sleep more than even during the school year, yet many families struggle to get the right amount. In this session, Dr. Vyas will discuss how the lack of sleep can impact school-aged kids and what parents can do to improve their child’s sleep habits and hygiene. This is a must-watch for all parents ready to leave their family’s sleep woes behind.

Real Moms Discuss Screen Time and Social Media

Sneak Peek! Raising Healthy Families Podcast by Moms Meet and KIWI

Annie Douglass→, Maureen Frost→, and Chrissy Kissinger→ of Moms Meet and KIWI magazine

Does the mere mention of the phrase “screen time” elicit pangs of guilt or a little anxiety? You’re not alone! The world of screens and social media can get very hairy especially for parents trying to figure out the best parameters for their family. Join us for a sneak peek of Moms Meet and KIWI’s brand new podcast, Raising Healthy Families, as we tackle this issue head on. You’ll hear our honest takes on the subject and what we do with our kids as we look at screen time for every stage from babies to teens.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Supporting Your Child’s Immunity and Gut Health

Joy McCarthy, Founder, Joyous Health, holistic nutritionist (CNP) →

What we eat plays a major role in our overall wellness, especially for our immune system and gut health. But how do we get our kids to eat the nutrition they need for a strong immune system? Why, make it fun, of course! Join Joy McCarthy as she educates us on immune boosting foods and shares a yummy kid-favorite recipe, Berrylicious Unicorn Bites.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Movement of Regenerative Agriculture

Doniga Markegard, Markegard Family Grass-Fed →

Regenerative Agriculture goes far beyond organic standards by also placing a strong emphasis on practices that boost soil health and mitigate climate change. Yet, industrial agriculture has been exploiting and destroying the ecological assets—soil, water, biodiversity, and people—that are the very resources needed to produce food for decades. In this session, Doniga will shine a light on the many benefits of regenerative agriculture and share her experiences on her California ranch bringing native grasses and wildlife back to the land.