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The Radical Middle Way: Bringing Balance Back to Your Family’s Health

Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh, Board-Certified Pediatrician→

The daily grind can get overwhelming and often sideline your best intentions, especially for busy families. In his talk, Dr. Gator explores the Buddhist story and how we can apply these ancient principles to our modern lives. He’ll discuss the divisions afflicting society today and how a return to finding balance and the “middle way” will benefit overall health. Centered around finding balance in healthcare, our lives, family, nutrition, social media, and planetary health, you’ll leave this session with a sense of calm and focus to create a better way forward for your family.

How to Help Your Kids Become Conscious Consumers with Insights from Real Teens

April Hardwick, Co-founder, sk*p→

Sponsored by sk*p.
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Healthy eating is paramount to our kid’s overall health but it can be downright challenging to get little ones to eat nutritious foods sometimes. In this session, Janel Funk will share valuable tips and tricks to help you raise healthy eaters. You’ll learn how to make mealtime smoother, what strategies to avoid, unique ways to get kids involved in the feeding process, and so much more. 

The Relief Products

Watch KIWI Magazine’s Editorial Director review The Relief Products.

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