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Engaging Youth in the Future of Our Ocean Planet

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.→, Ashlan Cousteau→, Stacey Rafalowski→, and Jaclyn Gerakios→

Youth today have the determination, audacity, and drive to rewrite the rules for a restorative and proactive approach to environmentalism. But what is the best way to support and engage the young people in our lives to become stewards of the planet? In this session, explorers and advocates Philippe Cousteau, Jr. (grandson of Jacques Cousteau) and Ashlan Cousteau, kick off a presentation with their team at EarthEcho International, a global nonprofit that works with young leaders, educators, mentors, and partners around the globe who are committed to building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet.

Healthy Breakfast Hacks + Supplement the Gaps

Elizabeth Shaw, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist→

Sponsored by NOW KIDS.
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Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to get fiber, calcium, and other important nutrients they need to power their growth, development, and concentration through the day. But, reality check here. We all know getting tired kids to eat a good meal in the morning can be tricky especially when running short on time. Registered dietitian nutritionist and mom of two, Elizabeth Shaw will share her healthy hacks for boosting the nutrient content of simple breakfast options. She’ll teach us how parents can help cover the bases by offering quality supplement support to help kids thrive and start the day off right. You’ll feel good knowing your child is getting on the bus with a healthy head start to the day!

The Relief Products

Watch KIWI Magazine’s Editorial Director review The Relief Products.

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