Cinderella: A Fashionable Tale

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Did you ever wonder about Cinderella’s back story? This one has a bit of a twist.  Cinderella has a fabulous godfather who helps her find her inner runway model.   This fun, fascinating tale brings in fashion design history and weaves it (pun intended) into this classic tale of girl-meets-shoes, girl-loses-shoe, prince-finds-shoe, prince-marries-girl story.

Publisher notes:

Cinderella wants nothing more than to go to the ball, but she doesn’t have a thing to wear! This classic fairy tale of the young servant girl who experiences a magical night and finally finds her prince receives a fresh and modern retelling from illustrator Steven Guarnaccia.

Guarnaccia’s stylized illustrations give familiar characters new life with a fun, fashion-forward look, using apparel and accessories inspired by some of the most famous fashion designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Young readers will delight in the bright and beautiful illustrations, and fashion enthusiasts will enjoy the references to well-known haute couture designs, including a Vivienne Westwood–inspired ball gown, a rag dress of patched-together designer patterns, and Prada-inspired crystal slippers. Includes endpapers that detail the different featured designs as well as the year they were made.

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