Deep Zone (Football Genius)

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KIWI Magazine Review

If you have a reluctant reader on your hands who is sports-obsessed, there are several books on the shelves which will reel in even the most stubborn kid. Tim Green is a former NFL player turned author who writes thrilling and sometimes chilling sports novels for 9 to 12 year olds. Some of the plot lines aren’t seen through, and information is introduced that goes nowhere, but the main characters play ball and they play to win. We recommend starting the series from the first book because some continuity is lost if you pick up a book out of order (sudden rivalries appear and other references are made that are never explained).

Product Description

In the deep zone, even the very best player can find it impossible to beat a foe who’s hungry and waiting. . . .

Troy White can predict a play before it happens. Star quarterback on his state football team, Troy’s a natural for the 7-on-7 tournament that’s being held at the Super Bowl in Miami. With any luck, his “football genius” will also be working for the Atlanta Falcons on that big day.

Ty Lewis is a wide receiver with exceptional speed. His brother, an NFL star, says getting on a 7-on-7 team will prove Ty’s a winner.

From the moment the two football champs cross paths, Troy and Ty begin to size each other up. Troy is suspicious of Ty’s interest in his friend Tate, while Ty worries his speed will never be a match for Troy’s game smarts. But when the two rivals find themselves somehow tangled in the same dangerous web of deceit, they discover that they have more in common than their skill at football.

Uniting Troy, first seen in the New York Times bestselling Football Genius, and Ty, who was chased by the Mafia in Football Hero, Tim Green’s Deep Zone delivers it all—vivid settings, dynamic characters, and high-stakes action on and off the field.

About the Author

Tim Green, for many years a star defensive end with the Atlanta Falcons, is a man of many talents. He’s the author of such gripping adult books as the New York Times bestselling The Dark Side of the Game and American Outrage. Tim graduated covaledictorian from Syracuse University and was a first-round draft pick. He later earned his law degree with honors, and he has also worked as an NFL commentator for FOX Sports and NPR.


His first book for young readers, football genius, inspired in part by his players and kids he’s met while reading in classrooms, became a New York Times bestseller and was followed by Football Hero, Football Champ, The Big Time, and now Deep Zone. He drew on his experiences playing and coaching Little League for Rivals and for two more New York Times bestsellers: Baseball Great and Best of the Best.

Tim Green lives with his wife, Illyssa, and their five children in upstate New York.


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