Eating for Autism

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KIWI Magazine Review

Although we had this book vetted by parents of autistic children, we strongly feel that this book could be beneficial to all parents. This book stresses the importance of good eating habits, a ‘clean’ diet free of trigger foods and making food that the whole family will enjoy. The author is a registered dietician specializing in autism spectrum disorders, and she presents the information in a simple, understandable and well-organized book, accessible to all parents.

What your child eats has a major impact on his brain and body function. Eating for Autism is the first book to explain how an autism, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, or ADHD condition can effectively be treated through diet. Eating for Autism presents a realistic 10-step plan to change your child’s diet, starting with essential foods and supplements and moving to more advanced therapies like the Gluten-Free Casein-Free diet. Parents who have followed Strickland’s revolutionary plan have reported great improvements in their child’s condition, from his mood, sleeping patterns, learning abilities, and behavior to his response to other treatment approaches. Complete with 75 balanced, kid-friendly recipes, and advice on overcoming sensory and feeding skill problems, Eating for Autism is an essential resource to help a child reach his full potential.

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