Every Day’s a Dog’s Day: A Year in Poems

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KIWI Magazine Review:

What fun! Adorable dogs and hilarious poetry combined in one wonderful book for the dog-lover in your family. From haiku to rhyming verse, each poem extolls the unique charms of our furry friends.

Book Description

Age Level: 3 and up | Grade Level: P and up

Poems perfect for a year in the life – a dog’s life, that is!


Day in, day out, our dogs are there for it all. But they see holidays quite differently than we do – Halloween, for example, is when you can’t tell the real cats from the costumes! And, of course, dogs have special days of their own, like Hole Digging Day or the dreaded Visit to the Vet Day. Perfect for dog lovers of all ages, this clever book by one of the leading children’s poets celebrates all those days and more, looking at a whole year in the life of our canine companions.

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