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KIWI Magazine Review

Whenever I see a book about raising baby, I always look at the author’s credentials. In this case, I was happy to see that Dr. Sears is a board-certified pediatrician, the father of three sons, and a co-author of several titles on the health and well-being of children. This book is comprehensive, readable and medically sound. It’s also nearly 400 pages, but it is well-organized and has a comprehensive index so it is easy to find what you want, even if you’re a sleep-deprived new parent (see pages 142-143!). I didn’t agree with all of the advice, but that’s virtually impossible. One caveat is that the authors also market HappyBaby food and products, although the advice in the book is helpful and does not require a product purchase.

Product Description

A healthy baby is a HAPPYBABY!

From the most respected names in parenting come this definitive book on child rearing the all-natural way. HappyBaby combines decades of medical expertise from Dr. Robert W. Sears, renowned doctor in the Sears family of pediatricians, with the nutritional know-how of Amy Marlow, registered dietitian for the popular HAPPYBABY line of organic baby food. Look no further than between the pages of this jam-packed guide to find answers to critically important questions in the life of your baby, such as:

  • What should I eat when nursing my baby to ensure the most nutritional feedings?
  • What simple tips can help me manage the inevitable stress that comes with a new baby in the house?
  • I’m worried about toxins in my baby’s nursery. How can I green the new room?
  • When do I introduce my child to solid foods, and how can I do it in a safe and fun way?
  • How can I develop healthy eating habits in my children?

This groundbreaking book offers a proactive, harmonious approach to parenting that’s easier, greener, and just plain better for your precious infant or toddler.

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