How to Be a Math Genius

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KIWI Magazine Review:

I’ll admit it. It is more likely that I will use this book for myself to conquer my own math fears than to help my elementary-school kids. I might share it with them if they’re very, very good, though. Concepts which I learned decades ago are laid out in full color with explanations even a parent can understand. I felt smarter after reading this book, which is a victory.




Book Description


Publication Date: August 20, 2012 | Age Level: 10 and up | Grade Level: 5 and up


In this clever guide, young readers previously daunted by algebra, logic, algorithms, and all things math will discover they are better at it than they thought.




How to be a Math Genius explores the math brain and demonstrates to readers that they use math skills all the time — they just don’t know it yet. Packed with math activities and puzzles, compelling stories of math geniuses, math facts and stats, and more, How to be a Math Genius makes the dreaded subject of math both engaging and relevant.

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