Human Footprint

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KIWI Magazine Review

Kids are very literal so you can’t just imagine that the concept of a carbon footprint just doesn’t resonate with the younger generation. Enter National Geographic Kids and watch that concept come to life with amazing photographs depicting just how many resources we all will use in a lifetime. The 47,000+ cans of soda really stopped me in my (carbon) tracks, as well as the 3,700 plus diapers made me want to cry and suck my thumb. It all really adds up and we can all make s big difference. Message received.  Kids as young as 5 or 6 will also enjoy this book.

Product Description

What is your human footprint? Well, it’s 13,056 pints of milk, 28,433 showers, 12,888 oranges, 14,518 candy bars, and $52,972 worth of clothes, all in one lifetime. Makes you want to step more lightly on the planet! Perfectly timed for Earth Day, this book doesn’t preach or judge, but simply shows kids—in an exciting, visual way—how humans interact with the environment and how we can lessen our impact. Astonishing photography captures the full picture of consumption, documenting all the diapers you wore as a baby, the bread you’ll eat in a lifetime, and the cans you’ll recycle, based on national averages. Tying in with a National Geographic Channel production, Human Footprint is colorful and fun—yet also manages to be a powerful tool for kids to visualize the dimensions of consumption.

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