Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm

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KIWI Magazine Review

As a dog owner (two rescued mid-size mutts), I was simply overwhelmed by the beautiful photographs of the hounds of Bedlam. I have to admit I was even more impressed by the fact that the photographer and author managed to get all four dogs looking regal and at the camera in one beautiful cover shot (please tell me it was Photoshopped so I don’t feel so inept). I’d bump the age range from 6-12 because of the amount and level of the text. Each dog has a past. Each dog has a story. Each dog has a job that it decided by its own nature and instinct. Someday, I’d love to meet Rose, Izzy, Frieda, and Lenore!

Product Description

Welcome to Bedlam Farm! Meet Rose, Izzy, Frieda, and Lenore, four dogs that work hard on the farm doing various jobs. They’re good friends now, but it wasn’t always this way. Just as each dog has a different role on the farm, each has a unique story.

Filled with his captivating photographs, bestselling author Jon Katz’s heartwarming account of his dogs’ lives on Bedlam Farm is unforgettable.

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