Meeting (Magic Next Door)

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KIWI Magazine Review

Do yourself a big favor and buy and read Thresholds (Magic Next Door) and then this book. Lucky Maya just happens to move next door to a secret clan of people who practice magic (my neighbor makes a mean gazpacho but it can’t compare). Some of that magic rubs off on Maya and her adventures are nothing short of spectacular. So, the next time you see a kid sitting by herself in the lunch room, you just might want to befriend her and let some magic happen. I would now buy any book if Nina Kiriki Hoffman is the author!

Product Description

When Maya Andersen and her family moved to Spores Ferry, Oregon, they didn’t know there’d be magic right next door. Their new neighbors in the Janus House Apartments all have unusual powers, and the basement is a Grand Central Station to other worlds. Maya and her alien companion, Rimi, are learning how to live together and how to keep their secret-which becomes a lot harder as they help the Janus Housers track down the Krithi, the race who snatched Rimi from her home planet in an attempt to rule the universe.

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