Michael and the Birthday Party

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Book Description

Publication Date: July 1, 2010

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get kids to eat a healthy diet. Nutritious food can seem unappealing to a child and from an adult perspective, just too time consuming to prepare. But, kids who eat healthier are much healthier kids and they are far better equipped to handle their emotions and control their behavior.

So, feeding children nutritious meals is a good investment in the physical, mental and emotional helath of our children! How do we get children to eat healthy foods?

With the expertise of Holistic Nutrition Counselor Rose Payne, CHHC, Speech Language Pathologist Dianne Lazer MA, CCC-SLP/COM, and Dr. Padron, MD, FAAP this book gives kids the tools they need to make their own wise food choices. Here is a book that illustrates how healthy food can affect not only overall health but a child’s (and family’s) quality of life.

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