My Snake Blake

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Reading level: Ages 2 and up

Hardcover: 32 pages

KIWI Magazine Review:

This is an adorable book, but we’d most definitely bump the age range up to 3-6. Blake is a very lovely shade of green, but his best virtue is that he can write! He uses his body to form words which comes in very handy for things like communication and homework help. Just be careful; children get wonderful ideas from books and yours just might ask for a pet snake.


Book Description

Age Level: 2 and up

What’s green, and slithery, and smooth, and …smart? My snake Blake, that’s who! When my dad brought him home, he curved and twisted his body and spelled out “hello.”

And when my mom was worried he might bite, his response was “relax.”

This hilarious story about the friendship between a boy and his rather exceptional pet is brought to life by the simple yet delightful drawings of award-winning artist Serge Bloch.

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