National Geographic Kids Everything Big Cats

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KIWI Magazine Review

Nat Geo has upped its game (pun intended) with this hair-raising book about big cats. The stunning photography makes you feel like you can almost smell their hot cat breath while you follow the cats through their habitats. This book is a must-have for your animal lover but you may just watch your own house cat a little closer after reading this wonderful book.

Product Description

Bring on the Big Cats! No tame tabbies, these four big predators, the lion, leopard, jaguar, and tiger, are known for their powerful roars. Kids can prowl through the lion’s to-do list and the tiger’s steak dinner to learn all about the big 4, then move beyond the big cats to see how they stock up against the pretty kitties. Elizabeth Carney shares real-life wildlife tips, so kids can become big eat experts themselves.

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