National Geographic Kids: Ultimate Weird But True

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KIWI Magazine Review

When you buy this book for your favorite kid, you may want to pick up two because even adults will find it impossible to put down once they start reading. Did you know baby chicks are born with the ability to do basic math or that sharks have no bones (put those two together and you have boneless chickens doing math)? The gorgeous photographs and amazing bite-sized facts will have the whole family spouting ‘did you know’ facts (It once rained frogs in Missouri! A jewelry store in Michigan uses venomous scorpions to deter thieves!). Great for long car rides, party trivia games, and curling up on a rainy day, National Geographic will charm a whole new generation with these gorgeous family-friendly books.

Product Description

Did you know that a great white shark can weigh as much as 15 gorillas, that you drink the same water as the dinosaurs did, or that there’s a car that drives underwater?

This supersized, hardcover addition to the blockbuster Weird But True series, Ultimate Weird But True is packed 1,000 amazing facts and eye-popping photos that prove truth really is stranger than fiction. With a colorful, metallic cover, a kid-friendly design, and a wacky sense of humor, this stunning book will give kids a winning combination of smarts and fun.

Flip through these boldly-designed pages and you’ll find hundreds of snack-size stories about weird animals, space vacations, wacky inventions, freaky weather, amazing feats, wild extreme sports, and more. You’ll discover:

  • A real-life Spider-Man man who scales skyscrapers with his bare hands
  • A fish that plays soccer
  • A $150,000 diamond-studded cupcake
  • A man who makes himself invisible
  • An upside-down house
  • A hotel shaped like a giant beagle
  • Tornadoes of fire
  • A mouse that hitched a ride on a frog’s back
  • A dog that can read
  • A motorcycle shaped like hamburger
  • A 13-foot-tall pink poodle
  • Millions of red crabs
  • A white alligator
  • Plus, cool illustrations, and “Ultimate Secret Revealed” features that explain the strange truth behind the most mind-bending facts, such as how it’s possible to convert peanut butter into a diamond and how frogs can fall from the sky

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