Once Upon a Memory

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KIWI Magazine Review:

This sweet book makes you think of simpler times, when love was new or a bird was just getting its first feathers for flight.  The illustrations delicately depict the sentiment behind the words.  Does a book remember being just a word or a cake just a grain?  Children 3-6 will love having this book read over and over, and perhaps even think of their own story.


Publisher’s Notes:

Does a feather remember it once was a bird?

Does a book remember it once was a word?

When a feather drifts through a child’s window, a magical journey begins. As the boy follows the feather, he is swept away to a world filled with adorable animals, where fantasy and reality come together in surprising and playful ways. From the cake that once was grain to the ocean that once was rain, whimsical “before” and “after” scenes offer readers a peek at the world as seen through the eyes of a curious child, ultimately asking the question, “What will you remember?”

Nina Laden’s poetic and cleverly woven text is perfectly paired with bestselling artist Renata Liwska’s captivating illustrations. Together they create a story that will keep readers enchanted long after the journey has ended.

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